Case Studies

Chosen case studies from various installations on selected clients’ vessels

Evo2 Platform on Eastern Mediterranean vessels equipped with FleetBroadband (FBB) Before the first Evo2 router deployment, we were not aware of a maritime router that would be able to provide so efficient bandwidth optimization and quality of service, as well as optimum firewall management and fast failover functionality over FBB terminals. With the Evo2 router […]

Crew Calling PROBLEM: Commercial vessels such as Cargo Vessels, Tankers, and Bulk Carriers are notorious for their conventional communications which in the first place are economically unfeasible. However, phone calls in isolated locations are not accessible, thus, the entire crew and vessel’s operations are increasingly important to be managed remotely. Specifically, the main concerns of […]

Unlimited DataRoaming Sim Cards Communication providers’ internet data packages charging policies are different in each country. Mega- yachts typically require a huge amount of GB on daily basis. Billing, top-ups, activation’s vary for each provider and package. A while ago, a 50 meter charter yacht travelling in the Mediterranean roamed into more than 4 countries, […]

Marpoint Crew Internet Services The best effort of internet delivery describes the fundamental concept of any business existence to survive, thrive and grow. It is the source of life of every relationship both personal and professional, exceptionally for the isolated ones, across the seas. Crew internet has surely changed the seafarers’ lives working on board. […]

World’s largest ship goes digital OVERVIEW TI Europe supertanker, the world’s largest ship required a way to stay online constantly, whether it’s out in the ocean on a business project or in the port waiting to reload in the next shipment. Connectivity is crucial for the safety of the crew, amongst other things. So a […]