Dioryx Maritime provides value-added Crew Welfare services via Evo News

Dioryx Maritime, a well reputable shipping company in the containers ships operation, has implemented Evo News, Marpoint’s daily e-newspaper and crew welfare platform throughout its modern fleet comprising of 7 vessels.

One of the Shipping Companies’ main priorities should be the implementation of sustainable strategies to keep a healthy and fit for duty workforce. Seafarers need to be looked at as people not just a source of profit. We expect a great deal from them and it’s only right that they expect an adequate standard of care, conditions, and quality from us. In Evo News we found a holistic approach that brings together different nationalities of seamen into a user-friendly service of daily briefing, recreation and entertainment. At the same time, we are also able to send our corporate messages and announcements via Evo News for all to be viewed in one platform.

Rania Sifounopoulou
Safety & Quality Manager

The global pandemic brought seafarers rights firmly into focus, with many crews forced to endure exceptionally difficult conditions to keep global supply chains and trade freely flowing.

Evo News has enabled Dioryx Maritime to enhance the end-user experience of accessing information while on board.

As there is no limitation in languages, articles are delivered on a daily basis in the native language of all the different crew nationalities serving on-board each vessel of Dioryx.

Seafarers can read news on their devices, customize their newsfeed by adding specific sites and topics, and access a wide range of pre-configured news providers.

Seafarers don’t have to worry about the cost of internet use as Evo News works without an internet connection.

Dioryx has also chosen to activate a variety of Video Games that Seafarers can now play via Evo News during their free time, while offline!