TMS Cardiff Gas chooses Evo2 Class Approved Router for their fleet

TMS Cardiff Gas, part of TMS Group of Companies, a leading Shipping Corporation in Greece, has chosen to install Marpoint’s Evo2 Router and Outdoor 4G Router.

The Evo2 platform will provide TMS Cardiff Gas with a defence-in-depth approach to their vessels’ network management, will enable a new level of remote access to ship systems and will provide crew connectivity with a high level of security.

The innovative Outdoor IP68 waterproof and heavy-duty 4G Router along with Marpoint’s Global SIM will serve as a mean to reduce overall communication costs and will provide a reliable near-shore backup to existing satellite communications.

“After careful examination of all industry’s offerings, Marpoint was favorably shortlisted as an airtime-independent IT Services company who demonstrates the most cutting edge, reliable technology, approved by a Major Classification Society. By gaining full access and management capabilities to the Evo2 platform we are able to control possible network vulnerabilities and secure additional benefits such as avoiding disruptions to our business operation."

Dr. Michalis Michaloliakos
Head Of ICT & Cyber Security Services


The IT Department of TMS Cardiff Gas was in the search for an independent satellite provider network management solution.

Same would serve the needs for their newly acquired LNG Carriers and should provide hardware redundancy as well as full control of onboard IT access.

With IMO 2021 regulation in effect, the solution should meet specific cyber safety standards, preferably approved by a world-leading Classification Society.

Establishment of multi-stage firewall rules was a must in order to ensure that only wanted traffic is routed to and from their fleet vessels

The chosen network management platform should ensure split of onboard IT infrastructure into several physically split local networks for efficient control and cyber security

Managing a big fleet of LNG Carriers, the IT Department should be able to streamline the vessels’ network settings at all times, so as to match the Shipping Company’s policies.



Establishment of a Secure Vessel Network via:

· Our Evo2 Router’s enterprise-grade firewall and secure VPN interconnection

· Custom rules on vessels’ firewall, alerting and web filtering service for controlling allowed web content & minimizing cyber threats & bandwidth



Near Shore Connectivity

· Installation of Marpoint’s Outdoor IP68 waterproof and heavy-duty 4G Router along with Marpoint’s Global SIM for near-shore connection and bandwidth/cost optimization.

· Use of Global data SIM offering near-shore connection to over 100 countries globally.