Crew Calling

Hybrid PBX – Crew Calling Cards for Maritime companies
Marpoint Hybrid PBX has the unique characteristic to support both VOIP (Internet) and VOICE (Satellite) calls with a single crew calling card.

Advantages of Hybrid PBX
Install today and start benefit by using your provider’s business rates for crew calling.
An FBB voice allowance package or the voice/business charge per minute from your provider.

  • Call per minute is much cheaper than with the usual crew Inmarsat cards
  • Decide the total cost of the card
  • Create your own calling cards
  • Allow for far more talk minutes per card
  • Crew communicates with much lower rates
  • Profit from the crew cards sold
  • Use the voice allowance package, contract a new one or use their contract out of bundle per minute charge

Example: 25$ calling card

  • An Inmarsat Voice minute crew card has an average cost of 0,60$ per minute. Using a Marpoint crew card you can use your Inmarsat business rate (average 0,35$ – 0,55$ per min.) for the calls of the crew
  • You set the sell rate to a Greek landline at 0,40$ per minute
  • The crew can talk to any destination for 62,5 minutes with a 25$ card (instead of 41,5 minutes with a usual provider Crew Card)
  • Your cost is 18,75$
  • Your profit per card is 6,25$
  • Your crew pays less for making calls
Both the company & crew benefit in comparison to the traditional crew calling cards.

VoIP Crew Calling Cards (Software)
Marpoint Hybrid PBX is supported by the VoIP Crew Calling Cards (Software).
VoIP Crew Cards for maritime companies and vessels is an alternative to the usage of the expensive crew calling cards satellite providers (FBB, VSAT) offer.In the event your vessel already possess digital call centers or PBX equipment, you can use Marpoint software to issue your own crew calling cards for crew calling with our unbeatable termination rates. . If not, you can simply install Marpoint Hybrid PBX equipment.

  • Crew calling card software is supported by a Web based Call Detail Record (CDR) platform, which provides you with the option to monitor all calls, duration status, costs and profits
  • Software is ideal for use with Marpoint’s local DID services
  • Crew calling Card software is used with or without Hybrid PBX equipment
Example: 25$ calling card

  • An Inmarsat crew calling Voice min has an average cost of 0,60$ per min. Compare that with a termination to a Greek landline as low as 0,035$ per minute
  • You set the sell rate to a Greek landline at 0,35$ per minute
  • The crew can talk to a Greek landline for 72 minutes with a 25$card. With an FBB crew calling card you don’t have any return on the card. With Marpoint crew calling card you have a profit of up to 23$ out of the 25$ of the card cost
Both the company & crew benefit compared to the traditional crew calling cards
Marpoint - Crew Calling 1
Marpoint - Crew Calling 2

Maritime VSAT FBB low cost VoIP
Satellite broadband networks face high-latency, lower bandwidth and jitter issues that make off-the-rack VoIP routers unreliable; if they work at all. MarPoints VoIP is designed from the ground up for the special requirements of satellite broadband networks to give your organization the very best of VoIP over satellite at sea. Low-bandwidth requirements of only 8KBps ensure better quality of service and throughput, while providing excellent voice quality and very low airtime charges to be controlled by your own billing system.

VoIP Rates
We offer customized pricing to meet your needs. Please request the A-Z premium rate list with termination rates, that start from as low as 0,035$ per minute and completely free of charge ship-to-shore and shore-to-ship communication. We provide the best call quality to terminate your customers’ calls worldwide.
We provide you with a VoIP PBX and the ability to:
  • Create and modify the desired prepaid calling card packages
  • Apply different business call rates
  • Modify the calling rate plan in every vessel
  • Create daily call detail records
  • Unify your fleet into your existing billing system
  • Get better return on your investment (expensive monthly airtime packages)
Actual hardware and service fees vary based on your requirements
Example 1: A 25$ calling card to mobile phone in Philippines

A 25$ calling card allows 55.5 minutes of talk time to a mobile phone in Philippines with a fixed charge rate for the crew (0.45$ per min); you can always choose your own rate list.
You will be charged for this calling card only for the termination cost (approx.8.5$ for the 55 minutes), thus the net profit for your company will be 16.50 $ per issued card.

Example 2: A 25$ calling card to mobile phone in Greece

A 25$ calling card allows 100 minutes of talk time in a Greek mobile phone with a fixed charge rate for the crew (0.25$ per min); you can always choose your own rate list.
You will be charged for this calling card only for the termination cost (approx.2.59$ for the 100 minutes), thus the net profit for your company will be an astonishing 22.41 $ per issued card while keeping your crew happy.

VoIP for FleetBroadband (FBB)
Get more from your FleetBroadband service.
MarPoits VoIP’s low data usage saves on airtime and provides excellent quality even on lower-bandwidth FleetBroadband 250 terminals.
Inmarsat FleetBroadband Voice vs. MarPoint VoIP Comparison Chart
Inmarsat FleetBroadband Voice Service
$0.65 / minute SRP
Single Voice Line
Limited Crew and Passenger Solutions
MarPoint VoIP Comparison Chart
As low as $0.035 / minute SRP
Multi-voice callingUp to 4 simultaneous satellite calls Unlimited OnBoard calls
Fully-featured PBX
High-margin crew & passenger prepaid codes generates huge revenue for ship operators

MarPoint’s VoIP has many advantages for VSAT users:
  • Its low-data rate reduces bandwidth, allowing for better throughput availability for other services like parallel use of crew internet/hotspot cards
  • The prepaid code structure makes it easy to profit from crew and passenger calling while offering fair prices
  • The full PBX provides the professional features found only in top level land-based PBX boxes
  • VSAT solutions offer more bandwidth then FBB terminals thus allowing up to 8 simultaneous calls depending on airtime package
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