Crew Internet

Give managed internet access to your crew

The Marpoint Unified Management Platform provides the option to create Crew internet hotspot cards, allowing the office to share the FBB or VSAT monthly data package allowance of each vessel with the crew members. By sharing a percentage of the cost with the crew, the office saves on satellite monthly costs while the crew gets internet access at very low rates.

Crew Internet on VSAT allows for bigger Internet packages and lower cost per MB for seafarers (VSAT packages usually include unlimited data packages).

Crew Internet on Fleet Broaband “FBB” – the bigger the FBB package, the lower the cost per MB. When combining office and crew internet on the same package, you get lower monthly cost for both office/business and crew.

Marpoint Crew internet offers almost complete customization as part of the Crew “Internet Café”.

Ship Managers and owners can customize the crew internet by PIN-based or User-based crew accounts.

Benefits for Ship managers:
  • Remote Control of on-board Internet access and consumption
  • User friendly interface
  • Distinction between crew internet and business (bridge) internet access
  • Web & content filtering (limits web access to gambling, streaming, windows updates etc.) so the office can block specific categories or websites
  • Cloud & local proxy – block annoying ads, flash banners and compress images for faster browsing speeds
  • Different policies set for different user categories (i.e. officers and low rank crew members)
  • Different policies set on different WAN interfaces (i.e. FBB or VSAT)
  • Live view of data consumed and users
  • Live view of active users

Benefits for the captain and crew include:
  • Competitive packages, lower cost per MB
  • BYOD (Bring your own device)
  • QoS more crew internet cards can have internet access at the same time
  • Self-Top-up packages
  • Personalized crew internet page with remaining balance
  • Movable Pin-based and User-based cards (crew internet cards operate on all fleet vessels)

Additional Crew Internet details and specification

Create the PIN profile of your choice choosing amongst the parameters below:

  • Profile Data Only (25MB, 100MB, 260MB etc.) / Total Limit
  • Profile Hours only (1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours) / Online Limit
  • Carry on remaining balance
  • Auto-Renew (i.e. create a 100MB card that auto-renews at the beginning of each month)
  • Your profile can be active in any vessel of your choice
  • Expiration limit
  • Mass create cards by batch or vessels
  • Enable or disable a card batch (i.e. create a series of batch and enable them on the 1st day of each month)


Create User profile with unique username and password for each crew member. You also have the ability to choose from a variety of pre-setup data profiles:

  • Upload crew data by excel, csv. etc.
  • Connect “X” user with selected Data profiles
  • Create Top-up packages for users
  • Your profile can be active in any vessel of your choice
  • Users can choose/change their password at any time
Data Profiles combine features from both PIN-based and user Internet cards; for more information and clarifications of Marpoint Crew Internet cards please contact us for a tailored-made solution.

Live View
With the Live View option, you can choose a client and display to your screen all the hotspot cards that are active, as well as the card ID, start time, device IP, online duration, traffic sent (upload) and traffic received (download) . The image below shows an example view for a specific client.

Marpoint - Crew internet Live View

Card Lookup
With the Card Lookup option you could see the network usage and remaining bandwidth or time of a certain hotspot card.
When you click the Card Lookup option the following window appears.


The Card lookup will offer the option to input a card number and check the remaining bandwidth of the cards as well as:

  • The bandwidth used
  • The remaining bandwidth
  • The session made
  • Their duration
  • The name of the owner (if any)
  • The date issued

With the statistics submenu you are able to see statistics per client, office, building, etc. of the client, used for any given period of time (i.e. month, day, week).
When you click the Statistics option the following window appears.


The statistics subpage presents the data received from your system in the following manner:

  • Filters for time search duration (search last month, last week etc.)
  • The type of cards issued during the specified period of time
    • Their date
    • The sessions made
    • Traffic received
    • Traffic sent

Mass Create
With the Mass Create option the Client can issue a batch of hotspot cards for its vessels.
Choose Number of cards, profile, price, traffic (MB), Valid for (hours, days, months) and click submit.


Mass Update
If you want to disable or enable a batch of cards, enter client’s name, the password (Google Authenticator) and click import.
Type 0 in order to disable or 1 in order to enable a card.


Batch Status
When you click the batch status option the following window appears.

crew-internet-mass-batch update

The Batch Status option allows you to enable/disable or schedule when you want to send a specific batch of hotspot cards to a vessel.
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