DID Numbers

What are DID numbers?
DID Numbers are virtual numbers that empower users to transmit calls to existing telephone lines. DID Numbers help to set aside a direct number for certain employees, which implies that you could do away with multiple physical phone lines. With a DID number, organizations can process thousands of simultaneous calls to suitable extensions. DIDS are touted as the ‘backbone’ for firms where direct customer-to-employee communication is a decisive factor. Marpoint provides SIP origination worldwide.We offer Local DID numbers on over 100 countries worldwide. Numbers are provisioned instantly through our web-based portal. DIDs are available in flat rate unlimited channel pricing or per minute pricing; your choice!

Local DID Origination
Buy your DID today and terminate it to the number of your choice.
  • Buy +30 2118008XXX and terminate it to the Fleet Broadband, Iridium or VSAT phone of your choice
The caller is charged only for making a local call and the call to the Satellite is charged to the client office at unbeatable termination rates.

Toll Free Ship-to-Shore & Shore-to-Ship calls
Install our Marpoint SIP Trunk services for FREE of Charge calls from Ship-to-Shore and Shore-to-Ship communication.
Example: Dial your DID number +302118008XXX

  1. Be redirected to Marpoint SIP trunk cloud server
  2. Connect to the chosen vessel
  3. If the vessel also uses Marpoint SIP trunk service, the call is free of charge throughout.

DID Numbers - Control Panel
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