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The free Crew Welfare service for the seafarers

A holistic crew welfare experience of daily
and live information,
recreation and entertainment!
Wordwide news
Company newsfeed
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Without crew data consumption

With over 1.200.000 articles delivered on a monthly basis to:







Marpoint's innovation towards crew welfare

Evo News offers the ability to:
  • Send thousands of compressed news articles to vessels every day.
  • Choose the articles delivered to each vessel by crew nationality. Unlimited languages for all your crew members (i.e. Greek, Indian, Filipino, Russian, etc).
  • Evo News Company feed:
    Create your ‘company’ custom news and training sessions for the crew.
  • Evo News Games:
    A virtual catalog of classic online games (i.e Tetris) that you can activate for your Seafarers to play in their spare time!
  • Evo News Videos:
    Send your training material or videos,
    ( i,e Cyber Security Best Practices) to your
    vessels where your Seafarers will watch on
    their tablet/mobile phone.
  • New, user-friendly control panel

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