Hybrid PBX

The only Hybrid PBX solution that compines traditional and VoIP crew calling cards at unbeatable rates


Hybrid PBX

Crew Calling for shipping companies
Marpoint is proud to inform you about our latest product lunch. We present you our brand new PBX device. This device has the unique characteristic to support both VOIP (Internet) and VOICE (Satellite) calls.
At the same time it is supported by a Web based Call Detail Record(CDR) platform, which provides you the option to monitor all calls, duration status, costs and profits.

Install Today and start having benefits by using your providers business rates for crew calling.

Marpoint - VoIP PBX Diagram

Advantages of Hybrid PBX
Call per minute is much lower than with the usual crew Inmarsat cards
  • Decide the total cost of the card
  • Create your own calling cards
  • Allow for far more talk minutes per card
  • Crew communicates with much lower rates
  • Get the profits from the crew cards sold
  • Use the voice allowance package, contract a new one or use their contract out of bundle per minute charge
Example: 25$ calling card

  • An Inmarsat Voice min crew card has an average cost of 0,60$ per min. Using a Marpoint crew card you can use your Inmarsat business rate (average 0,25-0,35$ per min.) for the calls the crew makes.
  • Your set the sell rate to a Greek landline at 0,40$ per minute
  • The crew can talk to a any destination for 62,5min with a 25$card (instead of 41,5 minutes with a usual provider Crew Card)
  • Your cost is 18,75$
  • Your profit per Card is 6,25$
  • Your crew pays less for making calls
Both the company & crew benefit compared with the traditional crew calling cards.
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