Marpoint - Multirouter Dual 3Gs / 4Gs
MutliRouter Dual 3Gs/4Gs

The yacht solution! Suitable for Yachts and Mega Yachts
Insert two sim cards of the same or different providers and enjoy unique coverage many miles of shore or even in remote locations.
Ability to manage any satellite provider (VSAT, FBB) is of course an option.
Get the most out of the available bandwidth of each internet getaway.
Marpoint - Multirouter Dual 3g/4g front side
Marpoint - Multirouter Dual 3g/4g rear side
Marpoint - Multirouter Dual 3g/4g back side

Typical vessel network


Features & Services

Matpint - Dual 4G capability with auto failover

Dual 3G/4G

Dual 3G/4G capability with auto failover.

Marpoint- Multirouter Dual 3g/4g 20 miles of shore 3G/4G coverage

High coverage

20 miles off shore 3Gs/4Gs coverage.


Auto getaway selection

Switch between VSAT, Dual 3G, Wi-Fi or Single 3G.


QoS / Bandwith Quality of Service

The MultiRouter applies a set of fair use policies and traffic prioritization.


BΥΟD / Bring your own device

Access data services using your own smartphone, tablet or laptop.


Remote Support

Easy installation and configuration.

Marpoint - MultiRouter Dual 3g/4g Connection with Outdoor 3G/LTE

Connection with Outdoor 3G/LTE

Connection with Outdoor 3G/LTE.



FBB, VSAT, 3G, Wi-Fi – centralized control of all individual connection modes.


Windows based user Interface

Windows application for manual override (i.e block crew network switch WAN interface with a click of a button).

Technical information

EVO² – Dual 4G-1U

  • PN – MRPT- MDR4G

Available accessories

  • Fleet wide Automation
  • Connect Long Range Wi-Fi hotspots
  • 4G Routers GSM Router add-on

Technical specification

  • 88 – 264 Volt AC
  • 47 – 63 Hz
  • 1.3A typ./115 VAC
  • 0.8A typ./230 VAC
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