Port Blockers

Reduce the risk of data leakage, data theft and unauthorized uploads with a software-free solution that physically blocks USB ports from unauthorized access. There’s even an option to block multiple adjacent ports with one lock and allow continued secure use of authorized USB devices.

Comply to Bimco Cybersecurity Guideline (ISM Code: to restrict physical access to removable media on critical systems.

USB Port Blocker – Pack of 4
  • Physically blocks access to a USB port
  • Consists of 4 locks and 1 key
  • 5 different colour code versions available: Pink, Green, Orange, White
  • Each key only works with a lock of the same colour
  • Also available in packs of 10 (without key)
  • 2 Year Warranty

With this neat little device, system administrators can physically prevent users from connecting Pen Drives, MP3 Players and other USB Mass Storage Devices to their computers to copy data, introduce viruses etc.

The USB Port Blocker is made up of a combined ‘key’ and ‘lock’ assembly which plugs into the USB port. To use, simply plug the ‘keylock’ into the port and release the latch – the lock remains in place! Plug the key back into the lock to remove. Easy!

USB Port Blocker (without key) – Pack of 10
Additional locks for use with the LINDY USB Port Blocker!
  • Pack of 10 locks (without key)
  • 5 different Color code versions available: Pink, Green, Blue, Orange, White
  • Each key only works with a lock of the same Color
  • 2 Year Warranty
RJ45 Port Blocker

The RJ45 Port Blocker can be locked in the RJ45 jack, and the socket is blocked and secured from unauthorised use. This allows control of physical access to the network in safety-critical areas, e.g. in public places or data centers. To open the lock, the included tool is required.
USB Port Blocker – Pack of 4
  • Suitable for all standard RJ45 jacks
  • Colour: white / yellow
  • At least One free RJ45 jack

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