Marpoint - MultiRouter 3G/LTE Mini

MultiRouter 3G/LTE Mini

Suitable for Leisure Yachts and Sailboats.
The reliable solution that can be compared with traditional ADSL connections.
The MultiRouter 3G/LTE Mini is MarPoint’s latest innovation for high speed internet at sea with extensive coverage up to 99%. It is recommended for use in any type of yacht or fishing vessel as well as remote locations where high speed internet is required. It includes an external SIM slot that does not require the use of a USB modem and at the same time incorporates a Wi-Fi access point with WEP / WPA / WPA2 / WPA+WPA2.
Marpoint - MultiRouter 3G/LTE Mini front
Marpoint - MultiRouter 3G/LTE Mini side
Marpoint - MultiRouter 3G/LTE Mini back


Typical vessel network

Marpoint - MultiRouter 3G/LTE Mini Vessel Diagram

Features & Services


External WiFi

Connect external Wi-Fi Networks on Marinas, Hotel bays or anywhere External Wi-Fi is available for yacht. When connecting you can share the external Wi-Fi source through your internal Wi-Fi or LAN network for personal use.

Marpoint - MultiRouter Dual 3g/4g Connection with Outdoor 3G/LTE

Connection with Outdoor 3G/LTE

Connection with Outdoor 3G/LTE.

Marpoint- Multirouter Dual 3g/4g 20 miles of shore 3G/4G coverage

High coverage

20 miles off shore 3G/4G coverage.



Bring your own device. seafarers can access data services using their own smartphone, tablet or laptop.



The MultiRouter applies a set of fair use policies and traffic prioritization.


Windows based user Interface

Windows application for manual override (i.e block crew network switch WAN interface with a click of a button).

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